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From:  "Wayne H. Smith"
Date:  Wed May 26, 1999  10:53 pm
Subject:  Re: New SignWriter Features?

Valerie wrote:
>And I am definitely going to improve the dictionary, so that it sorts by
>Sign-Symbol-Sequence as well as by the Roman alphabet. And I think we need
>other features in the dictionary - like searching for all the signs with
>"such and such" handshape...or searching for all the signs that are marked
>as "verbs", and then being able to print just that list of verbs, without
>printing the whole dictionary. Any other features you would like?

Yes, it's me again. I happened to think of one other thing that would
be great while I was dodging traffic on Changchun E. Rd. about 7:00 P.M.
tonight (4:00 A.M. for you, Valerie).
I had mentioned earlier that it would be nice if it could be made
easier to transfer written signs in SW into, say, database programs. I
thought that possibly this could be done through a kind of "floating
dictionary", meaning that somehow the dictionary access program could be set
up to remain on screen and available while working in another program, and
when a sign is needed in the database program (or whatever other
application) it could be called directly out of the dictionary and placed
into the application. I would imagine that that would mean that any
information you'd want to put into a database would have to exist already in
the dictionary, which I think is reasonable. Since I don't know the innards
of programming, I don't know anything about the "how" of something like
this, but I've used enough cross-language programs to believe that something
like this should be doable.
It was hot and sticky in Taipei today. I'm sure the weather was (will
be) better wherever you are, everyone.

- Wayne

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