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From:  "Karlin, Ben"
Date:  Thu Jun 3, 1999  8:57 pm
Subject:  Re: Have you ever dreamed in SW?

I've got a question.... has anyone GOT games that are played using SW?

Especially for you Kegls (and you Kathy Akehurst and you other folks with
kids learning SW): Are the kids incorporating SW as an active part of their
play? I can imagine kids sitting down and reading their SW Cinderella to
their dollies, or you adults translating and transcribing the rules or
paraphanalia for board games into SW ("Win second prize in a beauty contest.
Collect $10.") but the question about kids taking hold of SW for themselves
and inviting, maybe, writing games? Maybe playing school with each other
and using SW? Is that happening?
Ben Karlin
Staff Interpreter for the Deaf, St Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

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