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From:  denny99
Date:  Sun Jun 6, 1999  2:36 pm
Subject:  Re: New features in 5.0

Valerie, I have forwarded about 75 of the Sign Writing symbols for sprinkles.
Everyone who has received them is quite proud. Each time I have indicated that
originated Sign Writing and have given your link. Happy,happy,happy....thanks.

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> Ingvild Roald wrote:
> >And quite apart from this, as someone has already mentioned, it would
> >be better for pedagogigal use if the balck was black (not white) and
> >the white was not black, as it is in 4.3.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> June 6, 1999
> Hello Ingvild!
> Nice to hear from you, and thank you for your email messages about new
> features in SW 5.0. They have all been duly noted :-)
> Your requests for new dictionary features are good ones. I am not sure how
> many of those features will be available in the first release of SW 5.0,
> simply because there is so much to do, but sooner or later we all need
> those features and I certainly plan to implement them in time.
> In regards to the above, this problem is already solved in SignWriter 5.0.
> As you know, the old MS-DOS interface had a black background with white
> symbols, but in Windows and the Macintosh, the standard interface is not
> black with white, but is white with black. Since SignWriter 5.0 works in
> both Windows and the Macintosh, it therefore mimics those interfaces.
> So not only can you have a white background with black symbols, but you
> will be able to have colored symbols on a different color background!
> Very fancy, and a welcome change....
> Valerie :-)
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> Valerie Sutton
> SignWriting
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> Center For Sutton Movement Writing
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Denny Lancaster

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