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From:  Ronald H Dettloff
Date:  Tue Jun 22, 1999  10:52 pm
Subject:  Re: International Keystrokes

A good feature would be a "page view" so that one could review multiple
pages of SW and also be able to see where the page breaks are. Sometimes
when I change a document to columns it does not format in the right
order. Seems to be problems changing to different font size. We have
some people who need larger fronts and I don't like to go back and the
original file when I should be able to change fonts in the columnized
document or file.

Also we need to be able to cut and paste parts of signs. We should be
able to draw a rough circle around what we want to cut or paste. alt-s
does not give you that much control. (from someone who is using the

I really can't do my own web page but I am sure that God will bless any
effort we make to publish his ancient Words. I think it is essential for
the Bible to be published in SW then many other books will follow. This
has happened with other languages.

Pastor Ronald H. Dettloff
The Deaf Church
20880 Ten Mile Road
St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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