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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jun 24, 1999  1:33 pm
Subject:  Re: ASL Video Transcriptions

Ronald H. Dettloff wrote:
>When the world sees the value of
>putting the Bible in ASL they will find the scholars to do a better job.
>For now I am the only one. What you could do to help is take a chapter of
>the Bible, translate it, and let's help each other perfect the
>translation. If each of us would try a little we could help a lot.
>Pastor Ronald H. Dettloff
>The Deaf Church


Ron - I know you want our help. I personally am not qualified to translate
anything into ASL. I have to transcribe the ASL from video, or ask signers
who know ASL to do the translations.

But there is a solution. You can transcribe videos that already exist.

Below is a list of Deaf ministries that have publications for the Deaf.
Several of them have already created their own ASL video translations of
portions of the Bible.

With their permission, you could transcribe their ASL videos of the Bible
into SignWriting. Then you will accomplish writing some of the Bible
without having to get the funding needed to hire a Deaf staff.

I might be able to acquire the written permission from these groups for
you, if you wish. But you would first need to talk with them to find out
which video you want to transcribe:

>American Bible Society
>1865 Broadway
>New York, NY 10023
>Books of Bible in ASL
>other videos closed captioned
>Anabaptist Deaf Ministries
>2272 Old Phila Pike
>Lancaster, PA 17602
>717-392-6752 TTY
>has a catalog of videos and books for rental
>Campus Crusade for Christ
>100 Sunport Lane
>Orlando, FL 32809
>Jesus videos in ASL-Russian- Costa Rican Sign lang
>CRS Division for the Deaf (Seventh Day Adventist)
>P.O. Bx 6097 4444 S. 52nd Street
>Lincoln, NE 68506
>402-488-0981 488-1902 TTY
>Has 4 Beg. Sign Lang. videos
>Deaf Missions (Christan Church)
>21199 Greenview Rd.
>Council Bluffs, IA 51503-9500
>712-322-5493 V/ TTY
>Has resources about Deafness videoes,books and other informational
>Deaf International Media Ministries A/G
>8614 Nerstrand Blvd
>Nerstrand, MN 55053
>507-332-2182 V/TTY
>Videos in English and Spanish Sign Lang
>Deaf Opportunity Outreach
>Bx 250
>Union Mills , NC 28167
>videos for children teens adults, missions etc
>Deaf Video Communications Of America Inc.
>4624 Yackley Ave.
>Lisle, IL 60532
>variety of Deaf Christian videos
>First Baptist Church (Deaf Dept)
>523 Sibley St.
>Hammond, IN 46325
>219-932-0711 V/TDD
>Variety of videos for the Deaf
>Florida First Coast Signing Video Productions
>339 Willow Green Dr.
>Orange Park, FL 32073
>Deaf Culture & Christian videos

>Ligonier Ministries
>P.O.Bx 7500
>Orlando, FL 32854
>2 series of videos are interpreted

>Multi-Media Evangelism Inc.
>1335 S.Providence Rd.
>Richmond, VA 23236
>Teaching videos for the Deaf
>Rainbow Film Ministries
>2102 W. 34th St.
>Houston, TX 77018
>Christian film distributor, films available in CC for,rent or to buy.

>Silent Word Ministries (Baptist)
>P.O. Bx 889
>Trenton, GA. 30752
>706-657-8000 V/TTY
>Evangelistic Videos


Valerie :-)

Valerie Sutton


The DAC, Deaf Action Committee for SW
Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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