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From:  Greg Noel
Date:  Sun Jul 4, 1999  8:47 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriting & Unicode

Trevor Jenkins wrote:
>Whilst mine is a personal preference there will be many people who can't
>(won't) be able to use TrueType fonts when reading email. This situation
>will continue well into the next Millennium. So don't count on everyone
>being able to use it for a long time.

Hmmm.... I agree with the emotion (especially the way Micro$oft
effectively stole TrueType from Apple and then unilaterally extended the
specification to entrap people in it, classic "embrace and extend"), but I
was under the impression that there was a free rendering engine for
TrueType somewhere. The initial SignWriting programs would probably use
bitmaps, but at least we should be able to generate the bitmaps from a
common source.

-- Greg Noel, retired UNIX guru

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