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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Aug 1, 1999  4:28 pm
Subject:  Re: Acronyms

>I was delighted to see Maltese Sign Language listed although we are far
>behind in our work on the language. We use LSM because it represents the
>words for Maltese Sign Language in Maltese - but I see LSM has already
>been taken for Mexican SL. I can't imagine anyone objecting to
>MASL....but perhaps LSMA would be closer to Il-Lingwa tas- Sinjali
>Maltija. Having said that, when it comes to spoken language, our deaf
>adults have to cope with both Maltese and English and both written Maltese
>and written English has influenced Maltese Sign Language. Many school
>textbooks are only available in English.(Malta is a bilingual country with
>Maltese and English as the two official languages).

>Marie Alexander
>Institute of Linguistics
>University of Malta


August 1, 1999

Hi Marie and Everyone!

Oh yes...Maltese Sign Language is on the list of countries for the
SignWriter Computer Program, because of you, Marie! I was so excited when
you first contacted me years ago - I was amazed to think of SignWriting
used on Malta...

I went through the list of all the countries that have requested tech
support, or have purchased something from us, and I found Malta on the
list, so of course, I included you :-)

I didn't realize there were two spoken languages used on Malta, and I had
no idea that English was one of them! Is Maltese a little like Italian?
What are the roots to the Maltese spoken language?

Anyway - in regards to the acronyms used for Maltese Sign Language - I am
assuming you prefer an acronym related to the name:

Il-Lingwa tas- Sinjali Maltija

which you mention above? Is that the name of Maltese Sign Language in Maltese?

If so, I can see why you chose LSM!!

Even though I chose LSM for Mexican Sign Language, it doesn't mean that I
am correct. There may be several ways around this - one is that it may be
that ISM can be used for Mexican Sign Language....Idioma de Senas
Mexicana...I will check this out with them first, and get back to you.

I will be writing to Hamburg to ask if they have a list too...

Thanks everyone for your input :-)

Valerie :-)


Valerie Sutton

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