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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Jul 31, 1999  2:36 pm
Subject:  Re: Acronyms for Signed Languages

Thanks, Ingvild, for this message...

>The Norwegian for "Norwegian Sign Language" is "Norsk Tegnsprog"
>(or more commmonly, Norsk Tegnsprak, with an a with a small ring on
>top), abrevieated in Norwegian as NTS. In English, it is correctly
>abreviated NSL.

This is a very good point. I got so used to saying NSL that I hadn't even
thought about that. So do you feel that we should use the acronym based on
the spoken language of the country where the signed language is located?
That only seems right somehow....

Meanwhile I am told that the University of Hamburg has a listing of the
accepted perhaps they use NTS on that list, for Norwegian
Sign Language?...

>We do have NTS (NSL) signs for most of the words on your list for
>menues, but the people who knows them are still on vaccation, I
>cannot get to them in another two or three weeks. I could give you
>the Norwegian word translations now, if that would help. We are no
>longer constrained by only one word beginning by a particular letter,
>right? Because when we did the translations for sw 3.0, we had to
>think hard to come up with something that gave meaning without
>clashing with that constraint.

Thanks for thinking of this... when you are ready, yes...I would love to
include Norwegian and Norwegian Sign Language menus :-)

But there is no rush...SignWriter 5.0 is an ongoing project, and it will
take us time to get all the different countries setup - so do it at your

The old MS-DOS program is very different than the pull-down menus of
SignWriter 5.0. The pull-down menus are not based on what letter starts a
word - you can use your mouse to go down the menu to choose your selection.
So don't worry about the restrictions of former versions of SignWriter.

The pull-down menus give us much more flexibility, and now that we will
have Menus in Signs, there will be a lot of menus that have no words at all
- so there would be no way to create keystrokes based on the letters of the
alphabet - a brave new world!

Valerie :-)


Valerie Sutton

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