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From:  Marie Alexander
Date:  Fri Jul 30, 1999  11:44 am
Subject:  Acronyms

Dear Valerie,

I was delighted to see Maltese Sign Language listed although we are far behind
in our work on the language. We use LSM because it represents the words for
Maltese Sign Language in Maltese - but I see LSM has already been taken for
Mexican SL. I can't imagine anyone objecting to MASL....but perhaps LSMA would
be closer to Il-Lingwa tas- Sinjali Maltija. Having said that, when it comes to
spoken language, our deaf adults have to cope with both Maltese and English and
both written Maltese and written English has influenced Maltese Sign Language.
Many school textbooks are only available in English.(Malta is a bilingual
country with Maltese and English as the two official languages).

Marie Alexander
Institute of Linguistics
Room 410, CCT,
University of Malta
Msida MSD 06

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