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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Mon Aug 16, 1999  9:08 pm
Subject:  contact - first steps in SW

>Thank you for the terrific photograph of your family!! What a great family
>you have - your children are wonderful!

Yes, they are - I > astonished so much that they have got so different
>I am answering just a few of your comments for now - there is a lot of
>email today - I sometimes get 50 messages in one day - and then you can
>imagine, they all have to wait awhile :-(

Yes I can imagine. I try to bother you not too much with my
beginners-problems. Nevertheless I like to get in contact from time to
time. Don feel in a hurry to answer - I do know that you have to handle a
lot of requests for help.
>I am editing a Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary right now at the request
>of Dr. Fernando Capovilla - but I have not heard of the one you mention
>above on the internet - there are around seven groups in Brazil using
>SignWriting now and I cannot keep up with all the projects - so if you give
>me the web page address I will enjoy visiting the above site - or ask the
>SW List members if they know the web address - there are quite a number of
>Brazilians on the List.

I was lucky to get a very friendly answer from Daniela Remiao de Macedo. She
asked me to give a kiss to you -- (I > laughing!:-)))))
Very nice people on the SW - List.

>Meanwhile I will wait to receive the forms from you and your colleagues,
>and when I receive them, I will donate some materials to your classroom...I

That would be great. Right now I > busy to prepare the first forms. I
contacted the headmaster of our school. I explained my idea of combining
signwriting-symbols within the writing and reading course for my little
pupils. Maybe that these kids would take advantage of a combination of
written words in German and the specific sign-symbols in Signwriting instead
of photographs or paintings or signing word by word (=LBG - Lautsprach
begleitende Geb ʰ den) live in that situation.
He listened to me carefully and agreed with my plans. He asked me very
clearly to make sure that our school hasn to pay any money for using the
materials. I explained the procedure of Your literacy project - and asured
that I _ l write the reports concerning our experiences with your SignWriting
-project. What counts in the end is that I feel much better. I would like
to share my experiences with other colleagues in the world. I am fascinated
and eager to work with you in a team to introduce SW in Germany.
Do you realize that your kind influence in your letters is doing good?
In my dreams we will influence many many deaf pupils, students, parents -
and really help to strengthen deaf culture and to help deaf pupils to make
better progress in reading and writing.

>also hope you will contact Penny about the textbook in German - that will
>be invaluable for you :-)
I did already but haven got any answer yet. :-(
I cannot explain that to myself. Perhaps she is on vacation -?

Which textbook do you refer to. I got a printout of the Lessons in
Signwriting from the downloaded Computerprogramm: (both the Manual and the
Lessons itself : introduction, swhands 1 ...)
I made a download from the homepage of SW.Org. Your explanations how to get
started are wonderfull : congratulation

The only problem is that my Canon BJC-240 Printer has problems with a
correct printout. After I learned by trial and error that it is an Epson -
Printer alike model - I could stop the garbage-nonsense.
Now he produces printouts that look a little bit streched. Know what I
mean? The face isn a circle but an oval!
In addition to that the printer has problems with the lenght of each page .
The page-number is printed at the top of the next page and then the printer
catches the next page ?=)()=? I tried several different entries- without any
In the end I got a print out from another computer (HP 690c)

Do you call these materials "textbook?"

>And thanks for all your supportive words - I need them somtimes and I will
>remember them when I need them for strength - You are most kind!

You can imagine what a big influence this contact with You has on my
thoughts these days.

My sons and my wife can help but learn the basics of SW just by the way.
Coming up the stairs to my bureau I fixed several DIN A4 papers at the
wallpaper showing basics of SW.

Johannes can show easily the position and form of his hands if I point to
one or the other symbol (open fist, closed fist - parallel with the floor,
parallel with the wall, I-finger, flat hand , frontview, top view) no
problem to us any more. So - a big smile - the first steps are done
successfully. This morning I sat in the sun, 3 of my Grey Parrots in cages
where outside, Gordian standing (!!) next to my chair in his play-pen -
having a little brake.
I wanted to present my SW print-out -books to my wife. Believe it or not -
looking at the one and other symbol she was able to recognize easily the
sign and compared it to the DGS version. She isn an expert on DGS - but
this experience blew up my spirits once more!

Well between reading the first words and beeing able to write whole phrases
or eaven stories is a long way .. nevertheless - I wanted to let you know.

As you recommendet I > on my way to write my introduction for the
SWL-members. Keeping in mind that you are so busy I don want to steel too
much of your time. I`ll ask s.o. else to have a look at grammar and

I`ll sent it to you within the next week. :-)

>Please send my best wishes to your lovely wife and children - I feel like I
>already know them!

how about You? May I ask you about Your pesonal background?

If you are interested I would like to keep you informed ;-)
Chistoph is signing more and more -(You are nuts. You are fresh.) Today he
asked me to learn the alphabet in DGS We started with the "A" today and I
teased him: Tomorrow I _ l explain to You the "B"
But Johannes laughed - signed and shouted: Look at me - the "B" is to be
signed this way - and the C ... We are all laughing. :-))))

Can imagine that I > so proud of my boys .. ??

kind regards
Stefan ;-)

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