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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Aug 20, 1999  2:37 pm
Subject:  Acronyms (one last time :-)

August 20, 1999

Dear SW List Members:

We are now working on the application to the ISO for recognition of the
world's signed languages. This is important for the standardization of the
computerization of signed languages.

Michael Everson came up with a good solution. By adding "sgn" (for sign) to
the code for each country, we are able to refer to a signed language used
in each country, without using any specific acronym. Since the popular
acronyms are continually changing depending on which spoken language one is
speaking, I think this was a very clever and diplomatic solution! Plus,
Michael also devised a way to refer to dialects and several signed
languages within one country. See his web page:

On the above web page, there is a column called "Acro.", showing the
popular acronym that seems to be well-known and used throughout the world.
Even though these acronyms will NOT be a part of computer programming, I
think it is important to make that column as accurate as possible, as a
general reference tool.

So one more time, I am writing for the SignWriting List's advice. If the
following acronyms were placed in the "Acro" column on the above web page,
would you feel they are correct?

I made the changes that you all suggested before. Any more feedback is
appreciated. This is a shorter list. If you know of others, please tell me:

American Sign Language = ASL

Argentinian Sign Language = LSA

Australian Sign Language = AUSLAN

Austrian Sign Language = ÖGS

Brazilian Sign Language = LIBRAS

British Sign Language = BSL

Danish Sign Language = DSL or DTS

Dutch Sign Language = NGT

French Canadian Sign Language = LSQ

French Sign Language = LSF

German Sign Language = DGS

Hong Kong Sign Language = HKSL

Indopakistan Sign Language = IPSL

Irish Sign Language = ISL

Italian Sign Language = LIS

Japanese Sign Language = JSL

Maltese Sign Language = LSMA

Mexican Sign Language = LSM

Nicaraguan Sign Language = ISN

Norwegian Sign Language = NSL or NTS

Spanish Sign Language = LSE

Swedish Sign Language = SSL or STS

Taiwan Sign Language = TSL


Valerie ;-)

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