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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Thu Aug 26, 1999  7:17 pm
Subject:  color coding

I don't know how important it is, but there is something called the Stroop
Effect. When the physical appearance of a written symbol doesn't match
the meaning, it makes it harder to read, neurologically. For example, if
we wrote the word RED, in green ink.

This piece of trivia shambles around in the back of my brain whenever we
discuss color coding. It might be something to keep in mind, maybe.

The effect applies to other things too, like relative sizes, and it is
more pronounced in ideographic scripts than in phonetic ones: whatever
that may mean to SignWriting, skilled readers always see whole words and
we can safely say that the effect affects them more than beginners,
who are still sounding out (handing out? naah.) words.
Joe Martin, Plain Old Ordinary Student
Top Left Corner USA

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