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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Aug 30, 1999  9:06 pm
Subject:  SignWriting In Germany & Switzerland

Stefan Woehrmann from Germany wrote:
>Next Wednesday my little friends are starting school. How shall I start-
>I desperately look for more explanation regarding my own SW.....


August 30, 1999

Thank you, Stefan, for your long and charming messages....I am still
reading your messages from last week!! :-)

I am very happy to receive your letter of confirmation from your school's
headmaster, and your web report. I hope to do my first web design since
May, is long overdue. I will create a web page for your
school, and post the information to the List, and on the Web. Then I will
prepare your package and mail it to Germany. I still have to print several
of the books. I print all of them myself.

To explain to the SignWriting List ....Stefan is the first teacher in
Germany to join the SignWriting Literacy Project. The SW Literacy Project
is a free project for schools with Deaf students, and the materials, which
are usually donated to the schools in the USA and Canada, are all written
in ASL. For Stefan's class to participate, Stefan and his students will
have to translate the materials into German and German Sign Language.

But there is one great piece of news - a group in Basel, Switzerland,
headed by Dr. Penny Boyes Braem...the Forschungszentrum fuer
Gebaerdensprache, is working on the translation of our Lessons In
SignWriting Textbook into German and Swiss-German Sign Language. So the
German translation of the book should be useful to Stefan's class.

I am glad that you are so eager to begin, Stefan! Truth is, it will be
several weeks before you receive the materials, since it can take time for
a package to reach Germany - but you will get it sooner or later, and we
look forward to learning about your experiences.

In the meantime, here are some stories you could print for your students....

SignWriting Children's Stories Directory

I would suggest printing this one....

SW Level 2: Basic Storybook

and distributing copies to your students. This is one of the stories used
in the SignWriting Literacy Project.

Then start your class project...see if they can read the American signs,
and then ask them how they would sign the same sentence in German Sign
Language. Then ask them to try to write that sentence in SignWriting...that
will begin your translation ...and you all will learn together.

Good luck, Stefan!

Valerie ;-)

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