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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Mon Aug 30, 1999  7:46 pm
Subject:  Web Report N# 1

Hi Valerie,

here is my Web Report N# 1

Next Wednesday my little friends are starting school. How shall I start-
I desperately look for more explanation regarding my own SW -products. May I
ask you, when I could get more learning material? I don want to push you
-- sorry if you feel attacked - but I > so in need - the echo towards my
idea of internet-teaching group isn too enthusiastic. (I > so sorry)
I got in contact with Penny - :-) She will send me the draft of the
translation as soon as they have finished their work. :-)

Stephanie from K _ n -- I tried to get in contact with her. Haven got an
answer yet.

So - hopefully you can give me a positive feed-back!

I say good-bye for today with quite cordial greetings.

Stefan :-)

First Web Report.doc
Type: application/msword
Size: 28k

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