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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Sep 3, 1999  5:56 pm
Subject:  Any advice for teachers?

>I'm thinking people WILL be writing
>SW like that. Their personalities and personal preferences will come
>through (as with other written languages). Some are so exact, every
>grammatical rule respected, etc. - others just jot down the bare necessities
>to make themselves understood. That's what makes it all so 'alive' and it's
>exciting to see SW going through those same motions.

>Kathy Akehurst
>Private Tutor
>Ontario, Canada


Thanks, Kathy, for your welcomed comments, and the hard work you have put
into your teaching SignWriting. I would like to ask your help, here on the
SignWriting List, if you have the time....

We have several new teachers who are trying to use SignWriting this
Fall...for example, Cecilia Flood in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will be
teaching with the "Learn To Read ASL in SW series" (the advanced
materials), like you did last Spring.

And then there are three new projects - one in Germany, and one in Peru,
and one in Troy, New York - so the question is - do you have any advice for
new teachers? How did you start with your students?....

Valerie ;-)

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