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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Sep 9, 1999  3:07 pm
Subject:  Re: transpositions

Joe Martin wrote:

>continuing this.....movement is clear; but two questions more, please?
>a) for the sign for FINALLY one would write crossed D-handshapes, with
>movement arrows showing that the hands separate. There is also a facial
>expression that is a necessary part of this sign, so draw that in. The
>question is where to draw it; above the hands, below, to the right or
>left? Does it matter?


Hi Joe and Everyone!

Yes...where you place the SignWriting symbols is VERY important, and it
most definitely matters!!

SignWriting incorporates a great deal of information, because it is based
on how the body looks. For example, "Levels" are shown visually. If the
hands are above the head, then you write the handshapes above the facial
circle. If the hands are touching the face, then you write the handshapes
as close to the face as possible, in line with the face, and with other
indicators, you can state the exact part of the face being contacted etc.
And if the hands are in line with your chest or abdomin, then the
handshapes are written below the facial circle - the placement in the sign
is directly connected to the center of the body.

In regards to the sign for FINALLY that you mention above, if a facial
expression is needed in that sign, then the hands would be underneath the
facial circle, if the hands are in line with the chest, just as they are in
real life....

Valerie ;-)


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