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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Thu Sep 9, 1999  7:32 am
Subject:  transpositions

continuing this.....movement is clear; but two questions more, please?
a) for the sign for FINALLY one would write crossed D-handshapes, with
movement arrows showing that the hands separate. There is also a facial
expression that is a necessary part of this sign, so draw that in. The
question is where to draw it; above the hands, below, to the right or
left? Does it matter?

b) the SW symbol for the ASL sign CAT has two handshapes; one drawn at the
side of a head-circle to show that it is done on the cheek, then a
movement arrow with the other handshape at the end of it. That
head-circle which shows location only appears by the first handshape not
with both of them; could it appear by the second one instead?

original message:> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Hi Joe and everyone -
> There are definite writing rules to writing both SignWriting and
> DanceWriting, and those writing rules are intuitive, based on frames of
> movement in space. Is that linear? Well...that depends on how you define
> is not only one direction - the writing of one sign can start
> at the bottom and move up, or start at the top and move down, or start at
> the diagonal and move in a circle. There is a beginning position, and an
> ending position, and movement inbetween. You know where to start reading
> each sign, because you know that the beginning position will be at the
> beginning of the movement arrows' stem line. You move into the second
> position where the arrowhead is located. So you "follow the arrow" no
> matter what pattern the arrow is in.
> Sometimes both beginning and ending positions are written. Sometimes one or
> the other is thrown out. If the beginning position is thrown out (assumed)
> then the sign begins with a movement symbol - it is very hard to explain a
> visual writing system in English - but that is the general idea.
> In regards to reading SignWriting, I can only tell you that "true literacy"
> has been achieved, not only by me, but hundreds of Deaf people in several
> countries. Right now, Deaf children are reading literature written in
> Nicaraguan Sign Language, and it is a part of their daily lives - not just
> an exercise in research.
> SignWriting documents are read as quickly and as naturally as people read
> newspapers written in spoken languages. How is it done? I have never
> analyzed it - we just do it - and it is easy -
> So linguists need to become fluent in SignWriting themselves, so they can
> analyze it from a linguistic perspective :-)
We're tryin', we're tryin' ;-)

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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