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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Sep 10, 1999  3:43 pm
Subject:  Re: transpositions

Joe Marting wrote:

>b) the SW symbol for the ASL sign CAT has two handshapes; one drawn at the
>side of a head-circle to show that it is done on the cheek, then a
>movement arrow with the other handshape at the end of it. That
>head-circle which shows location only appears by the first handshape not
>with both of them; could it appear by the second one instead?


September 9, 1999

Hello SignWriting List -

And thanks, Joe, for this question.

In regards to the sign for CAT in ASL...the face is the "center of the
sign", since the beginning handshape is contacting or at least relating to
the face when the sign starts. So since the beginning position has a
relationship to the face, it would be misleading not to include the face in
the beginning position. And then the eye follows the movement arrow to the
second position. It is not necessary to write the face twice, since the
unit can be seen as "a whole" relating to the center facial circle.

Which leads me to tell you that I am now designing a second web site, that
will place SignWriting databases online. The site will include dictionaries
written in SignWriting in different signed languages, and possibly other
linguistic-related databases in SignWriting. I am still waiting for the
paperwork to finalize with the new domain name for the site....and then the
new site has to be setup with our web server, DeafVision. So it may be a
week or two before it is ready. Then there will be the big job of filling
the databases online...but that will be fun!

So hopefully later ...explaining signs like the above will be easier, since
you will be able to access the SW dictionary online to see what I am
talking about -

A lot is happening here - but it will all come together soon....

Thanks for your questions -

Valerie ;-)


Valerie Sutton..............................................SignWritingSite

Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting...Center For Sutton Movement Writing
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