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From:  Martin 'Lolly' Lorenz
Date:  Thu Sep 16, 1999  12:55 pm
Subject:  a test setting

dear list-members,

as i have read some of you work in deaf-education.
i would like to ask you to make a short test with
the deaf peole you work with.

if this test works out how i hope it will it would
proof or defeat a theory i made up for my diploma

please ask you pupils to take a sheet of paper
in letter or a4 size and take it crossways

now tell them they will have to draw three
geometrical figures on this paper wich should
not use up all the space but must be large enough
to write something into

now they should choose a drawing tool of their
own preference

now comes the drawing instructions:
(give them one by one. ony the tester
should know what comes next. but please
adapt the words i used to what your pupils
will surely understand.)

1.) draw a rectangle

2.) write into it: what it is, which tool you
have used to draw it and your name

3.) draw a circle

4.) fill it with a line-pattern

5.) draw a rectangle which is bigger
than the first

6.) draw a line to seperate the rectangle in
two parts wich must not be equal size

7.) draw a cross in which part of the rectangle
you like

8.) thank you for your cooperation.

what i would like to know is the following:

how large are the three figures in relation
to the available space?

where did they place the first rectangle?

was it (ment to be) parallel to the edges of
the paper?

how were the words/signs arranged in it?

where did they place the cricle?

which direction did the lines have in relation
to the edges of the paper (please give approx.
degrees from 0=vertical clockwise to 180 which
is vertical again - 90 would than be horizontal)?

in which direction did they seperate the second

how much is the size difference of the two parts?

which of the parts did they mark with the cross?

please seperate the results by the pupils deafnes
(pre- or postlinguistically total or partial) and
tell also the age-range.

if you gave the instructions in sign language:
did you give size defaults by signing the shapes?

if i get results from 10 or 15 pupils that would
allready have some significance.

thank you in advance for your efforts.
Martin "Lolly" Lorenz

Microsoft, I think, is fundamentally an evil company.

the more daring thing mostly is
to question the known
than to explore the unknown

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