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From:  Harry Blackmore
Date:  Sat Jun 6, 1998  6:20 am
Subject:  Sinister SignWriters!

Sinister SignWriters! Of course I am referring to the Latin
for left-handed SignWriters!

I am left-handed, and I sign AUSLAN, the AUstralian Sign
LANguage derivative of British Sign Language and, therefore,
uses the two-handed manual alphabet. As you may imagine,
it sometimes takes a novice sign-reader a little adjustment to
realise why the signs he or she is reading on the sinister signer's
seem back to front!

How many SignWriters on this list are left-handed? And do you
find it troublesome to compose all your pictograms in the dexterous
(right-handed) form? Otherwise, left-handed SignWriting may
confuse readers. How is it for ASL and like languages (one-hand
manual alphabet)?

Harry Blackmore
(not only left-handed, but also down-under!)

Dr Harry Blackmore
Tel: +61 8 9245 1474 Fax: +61 8 9245 1430
Mail: 43 Newborough St., Scarborough, Western Australia 6019

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