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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Sep 20, 1999  3:08 pm
Subject:  Re: proper names

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Angus wrote:

> The relationship
>between the Flemings and the Walloons is pretty sticky, and I'd imagine
>the Flemings wouldn't be too happy to have a language that they don't
>speak referred to as "Belgian Sign Language."


September 20, 1999

Hi there everyone!
I just got off the phone with a Sign Language instructor in Belgium. Their
group, which is located in the Flemish-speaking section of Belgium, will be
using SignWriting as a part of their Interpreter Training classes.

Remember we discussed Belgium on the SignWriting List before? Angus brought
up the fact that there are many languages in Belgium.

So because we discussed this on the SignWriting List, I was curious, and
while I was on the phone I asked them two questions...How many official
signed languages are there in Belgium? And what are they called?!!

The answer....

They have two signed languages taught in the schools in Belgium:

Flemish-Belgian Sign Language
taught in schools in the Flemish speaking areas

French-Belgian Sign Language
taught in schools in the French/Waloon speaking areas

And then they stressed that there are also many dialects, but these are the
names they are using at the moment...

So now I will be preparing a Flemish-Belgian section to the SignWriter
Computer Program. At the moment, we only have a French-Belgian section. So
we will have both languages represented, and they will be preparing a
Flemish translation of the Menus too.

Have a good day everyone!!

Valerie ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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