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From:  Luna
Date:  Wed Oct 13, 1999  8:22 am
Subject:  Re: New to List

Delora and Susan,
I am in Va. also, South-eastern part of Va. Chesapeake.

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From: sminta
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Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: New to List

>Hi Delora,
>Where in Falls Church do you live? We are in the Westlawn section.
>Sharminta goes to Falls Church High School. Maybe we could get together.
>She is always practicing her signing and the teacher said to find people to
>have her communicate with. Let me know
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>From: Delora Parks
>Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 11:01 PM
>Subject: Re: New to List
>> In a message dated 10/12/99 7:27:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>> writes:
>> << We live in Falls Church, Virginia and so we started at the Galludet
>> site. Sharminta is a freshman this year and just turned 14. She really
>> likes her sign language class. She has always been interested in
>> but never had the opportunity to learn until this year. She is also
>> JV Volleyball for her school and is a Competitive Gymnast. >>
>> Nice to meet you Susan :) I, too, live in Falls Church (small world,
>> and took 2yrs of ASL when I was in HS. I currently attend George Mason
>> University, which doesn't offer ASL, and am in a constant battle with
>> allow me to attend NOVA (Northern VA Community College) to attend ASL
>> to count as my Foreign Language requirements.
>> I hope your daughter enjoys her classes!
>> Delora Parks

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