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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Oct 22, 1999  2:02 pm
Subject:  From Linguistics to Animation...

>But for his research he wants to test how people read signwriting. It
>should be that same "phonological recoding" as hearing people use for
>sounds---look at the parts of the signwriting, break it down into parts,
>put them together to make the sign, get a mental picture of the sign, then
>understand the meaning. Only it would be done using the parts of the
>signwriting, (which have no sound at all)


Joe - Your long translation was a real accomplishment! Thanks for that - I
really enjoyed the translation too!

The above statement is interesting - I believe it refers to research being
done by Dr. Fernando Capovilla in Brazil. And my thoughts, in this message,
go back to the "writing and drawing" discussion we had before....

In the beginning some people do break down each sign into parts, which
oftentimes becomes confusing because they don't actually see the sign, they
get so caught up in the details...

But like words, after awhile you see the "whole unit" and I can tell you
that I certainly don't feel like I am breaking a sign down into parts when
I am reading - I feel like I am reading "units"....

But there is another aspect to both SignWriting and DanceWriting that is
important, and I cannot imagine it happening with any other writing system
that I know of...and that is that the writing "comes alive" and starts
moving before the eyes - not like real animation, but close to it..The fact
that the signs or dance steps "move" as you read is really unique...

You can actually take written signs or written dance figures, and place
each one on the corner of a page, and flip them, and they look like true
animation - so the signs move...I think that is part of the reason kids
pick it up fast...and why maybe possibly Jerry Spillman was right, that
there is an ultimate art or drawing aspect to it...

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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