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From:  Wayne in Maine
Date:  Thu Oct 28, 1999  12:02 am
Subject:  Re: Creating .GIF Files

Bill Reese wrote:
>Paintbrush won't make GIF files.

>Lourdes Tollette had written:
You can be use Paintbrush if you have it.

Wayne writes:
Well, I don't have paintbrush, but I did find something called Paint,
and thanks to what Valerie said about Alt-PrintScreen, I was able to capture
the screen and it showed up in Paint just fine, where I inverted the colors
and cropped what I wanted to crop. Not having PhotoShop, I looked around
and discovered PhotoDeluxe (you can tell I don't use these programs very
much). I finally figured out how to transfer the Paint file to PhotoDeluxe.
Then I finally figured out how to convert the image to a GIF file in
PhotoDeluxe. If all of this has worked, you should be seeing "Taiwan Sign
Language" and "Hello!" in Taiwan Sign Language below. Here's hoping!

- Wayne

Type: image/gif
Size: 23k

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