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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Fri Nov 12, 1999  12:28 am
Subject:  Re: SW in the future


I'm deaf. :-) Just not born deaf. I'm late deafened. I have an interest in
(ASL) and I use it.

I wasn't complaining about preferring Sign Writing over English or vice versa.
was just saying that all languages can't be accommodated at the same time for
one thing. So I'm wondering how we expect to use SignWriting. I believe that
expectation of how it will be used is a driving force in the development of the
language. Expectations and visions change as time goes on and I would expect
same to happen to our expectations and visions of SignWriting.

Thank you for posting the vision by Kevin Clark. That was *exactly* what I was
looking for. :-)

It'll be interesting to see how the generation of kids learning SignWriting now
adapt it. Will they develope short forms? Abbreviations? Stylized forms?
all rather exciting.

Bill Reese

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> So there is no reason why we can't find new solutions to using written
> SignWriting in technology, so that hearing people like yourself will not
> feel bothered by it, but Deaf people can choose what they want to use.
> After all, no hearing person can grasp how it must feel to be
> giving the Deaf options is only fair...and there are a lot
> of innovative people in the world who can find solutions...
> Val ;-)
> Val ;-)

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