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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Nov 12, 1999  1:33 am
Subject:  Re: SW in the future

>Thank you for posting the vision by Kevin Clark. That was *exactly* what
>I was
>looking for. :-)
>It'll be interesting to see how the generation of kids learning
>SignWriting now
>adapt it. Will they develope short forms? Abbreviations? Stylized forms?
> It's
>all rather exciting.
>Bill Reese


Yes it is quite exciting, Bill. Thanks for your message.

Of course, as a late-deafened adult who uses ASL you have a very unique
perspective, and maybe your uses for SignWriting will be different than
born-deaf children's uses will be. I suspect there will be different
visions for SignWriting as the generations march on....

In Kevin Clark's case, he is born-Deaf into a Deaf family...several
generations it seems from what I can tell. So that is another perspective.

I never forgot one day Kevin handed me the most wonderful hand-written
SignWriting that was so visual - all in the visual units we are accustomed
to use now, writing down vertically and quickly - in the Handwriting. And
he told me how natural it felt to write this felt like coming
"home", he told me.

I never forgot that moment...

I am looking forward to seeing my Deaf friends again...the computer program
development has robbed us of the funds to pay for both - so I have been
paying computer programmers and not a Deaf staff - I hope that will change
in year least have a little more of a balance - between
programming and dictionary work :-)

If you want to read more about Deaf people's vision about SignWriting, we
do have some Deaf opinions on the web, and some of them are quite

Deaf Opinions on SignWriting Directory

1. Kathleen Say

2. Lucinda Batch

3. Bonita Ewan

4. Denny Voreck

5. Abdul Aziz Al-Obaid

6. Kevin Clark

7. Hans Abildgaard

8. Eva Abildgaard


Val ;-)

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