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From:  sminta
Date:  Fri Nov 12, 1999  1:19 am
Subject:  Re: New SW Article in Silent News!!

Send my congrats to Cecilia as well. I sent the information to my
daughter's sign language teacher and told her to check out your web site.
She was interested but I don't know if she has done it yet.


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From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 1999 8:15 PM
Subject: Re: New SW Article in Silent News!!

> >The credit goes to you Valerie. Hope this helps with the grant you are
> >trying to get.
> >
> >Susan
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Thanks, Susan...I have no idea if it will help with Qualcomm, but it might
> help with other grants I am writing in the long run all
> helps - that is for sure!
> The Qualcomm grant was turned in yesterday before I found the article
> waiting for me in the post office...The wonderful letters of support
> made the proposal look so much stronger. Everyone's letters are very
> valuable, and the more the better. I am continually writing small grant
> requests now.
> This article in Silent News could not have been written without the
> contributions of Cecilia Flood and her students in Albuquerque, New
> I called Cecilia last night and we talked about the article. I told
> what an important role she is playing...her research is the first of its
> kind in the United States. In other words, we have had studies in other
> countries, such as Nicaragua and Denmark - but none in the USA until now.
> So it is nice to know that my own countrymen are testing it now.
> And Cecilia and I also discussed that the reason it could happen now, was
> partly because I started to donate materials. Strange, when the USA
> actually is a rich country...but the red tape, paper work and lack of
> funding for experimental projects puts teachers who want to try something
> new in a very hard position. So donating has helped the project happen
> faster, and I am glad I am doing that for the schools.
> And I want to thank Cecilia for her hard work - there has been a great
> of stress related to the project for several reasons, and the interview
> Silent News was just added on top of everything else...but it certainly is
> wonderful...and I have some other good news about the NAD that will help
> the project further, from a video perspective, in the year 2000....

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