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From:  William McGruder
Date:  Thu Nov 18, 1999  2:46 am
Subject:  Re: Spoken Language Translation Programs

In a message dated 11/17/99 6:42:52 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< I want to thank you for your email message awhile back about a new idea you

I believe you said: "I'm thinking it might be fun to have a computer
program which will read the
SignWriting document received via email or imported into the computer and
then have animated characters on the screen peform what's written!">>

No problem! Actually, I can't claim credit for the idea as the genesis for
it was the animated program for viewing the last World's Cup Cricket match
used "key words & phrases" to dictate the action in the animation.

<< Thank you for that message, Chip, and please forgive my delay in
responding...of course that is a wonderful idea, and it is just a matter of
time too....just like the translation programs are too... >>

I do believe you're correct--and I hope it happens in our time!

William J. "Chip" McGruder
Monterey, California

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