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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Nov 18, 1999  3:05 am
Subject:  Making .GIF Files

Dear SW List Members -
Do you know of a program that can be downloaded for free that can convert a
graphic into a .GIF file?

Below are instructions on how to make .GIF's, but it assumes that a person
already has a program to create .GIFs...knowing of a free program would be
great - hope you can write to tell us -

Many thanks -

Valerie ;-)



1. Type a document in SignWriter 4.3.

2. With the SignWriter file open on the screen, create a screen capture of
the sign, or signs, or screen.
That creates a graphics file.

3. Open the screen capture in Photoshop or another paint or draw program.

4. Invert the file so the background is white.

5. Convert it to a .GIF file


Doing Screen Captures

Shift-Command-4. That gives you a cross-hair kind of
symbol, and then you can box the area you want, and lift your finger from
the mouse, and it places the screen captured graphics file on your desktop
to open later.

Windows 98...
"Print Screen Key" captures the entire screen
"Alt-Print Screen Key" captures just the Window you are in.

Open SignWriter 4.3, which begins to run as a DOS program. Press
alt-enter to place SignWriter "in a window" so that you can operate upon
it with the screen-capture software built into Windows 98.


Creating a .GIF

Once you open the graphics file in Photoshop, or another graphics program,
you need to
know how to make .GIF files in that software. Unfortunately, there are several
.GIF formats and many ways to make .GIFs. You need to read the instruction
manuals that ccame with your graphics program.


Creating a .GIF in Photoshop on the Mac

1. Open the screen capture as a graphic file, in RGB mode.

2. Go to Image.

3. Go to Adjust

4. Go to Invert

5. You now have inverted the file. It has a white background.

6. Under Mode: change from RGB Color to Indexed Color

7. Choose Palette: Web Format

8. Under File, go to "Export".

9. Export to GIF89A Export


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