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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 23, 1999  12:07 am
Subject:  Re: Printing to Gif files or other files

Charles Butler wrote:
>In attempting to save my longer .sw files, I can never get more than
>about 20 signs on a print file with the SignWriter 4.3 file and don't
>know of any way to break up a larger file into smaller pieces to do the
>"print file" exercise from the software as given. Any ideas on what to
>do. I don't write stories by the page, nor stop at 20 signs. My story
>on Salt and Oranges is about 100 signs, I think continuously like an
>author should?
>What can I do?


November 22, 1999

Hi Charles -
The subject title on your message mentions printing to GIF files, but the
paragraph itself sounds like you are talking about normal printing onto

If you are talking about printing onto paper, then you should know that
other authors think continuously too - ha! SignWriter can print documents
that are 20 or 30 pages long - just one file - so when the printing is
working properly there are no problems with long long articles printed in
SignWriting. And one dictionary file can print out to be hundreds and
hundreds of pages with no problem printing.

I do not know the name or the model number of your printer, but I would
guess you are not printing from a laser printer? Maybe an ink jet? Anyway,
sometimes this has to do with the amount of memory your printer can store
etc...SignWriter 4.3 for MS-DOS has always worked best with laser printers
- there is no question about that.

And some ink jet printers do very well too, but others can only do a few
pages at a time - I have heard this from others before. So before I try to
help further, I think I need to know more about the printer you are using.

Now...if you really meant creating GIF files...that is a different story.
That you make screen by screen, so that the GIF files don't get too large
so people can download them in a case like that, the entire
story of 20 pages would have to be done GIf by GIF by GIF - about three
lines of SignWriting in each GIF, and then the many GIFs are pieced
together to create web postings, or sent one by one as attached files
through email...creating a new web posting is slow because of this
process...but on the other hand...once the web postings are done it is
great to have them!

Hope this helps - write again if I have misunderstood your question -

Val ;-)

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