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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 23, 1999  1:55 am
Subject:  Re: Gloss for Salt and Oranges (download the story and compare it)

November 22, 1999

Hello Charles -
This is a very beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing this with us ;-)

I was really touched by it.....

And I think your SignWriting document is quite impressive. Of course I am
not an ASL expert, but I enjoyed reading the SignWriting and I found it
easy to read....

In time I will be happy to post it on the web in our Independent S'Writers
Forum...would you like that? If you ever make .GIFs or .jpegs to share with
the SW Lis anyway...when you attach them to the SW the same time
I can download those and do a quick web posting with them - so that will
get the web posting up quicker...

No matter what, thanks for the ASL literature! We really appreciate it!

I hope others will follow suit, and start writing some literature in your
signed languages too! ;-)

Val ;-)


>Salt and Oranges
>by Charles Butler
>African story, me tell story about Oya and Oshun,
>Ocean and fruit tree.
>Question you question why?
>Oya personality like ocean--salt bitter,
>Oshun personality like orange--sweet happy.
>Oya meet Oshun, what happen, they argue all the time.
>But now a new story.
>Sit, see, remember.
>Weather [was] dry, people [were] thirsty,
>Mother carried her baby onto the bus and traveled to wet country,
>searching for food.
>Mother like Oya, personality now bitter and tired,
>but she went to buy food for her baby.
>The mother saw an orange seller but Mother broke.
>The mother cried "how am I going to pay for food to feed my baby?"
>The mother fell down and the baby started to cry.
>The orange seller was like Oshun. How was she like Oshun? The orange
>seller broke an orange and feed the mother and the baby, salt on orange
>like rain.
>But story not finished.
>The mother and the baby went home on the bus. The mother told the baby
>about the orange woman every day. Each evening the mother broke and
>orange and salted it like tears, and the mother and child sat and ate
>the orange and remembered the friendly enemy. Why enemy? Because salt
>people are not friends with the orange people.
>It is now long ago. The mother has grown old, the child has grown up.
>War comes, fighting comes, guns come. The mother goes shopping and
>doesn't return. The child goes searching for [her] mother.
>She went to the market but it was destroyed. [There were] oranges on
>the ground. The girl picked up an orange and put it in her pocket. She
>still looked for mother. Girl went to hospital, searching for her
>mother, but her mother was not in the hospital. But then the girl saw
>an old woman asleep who woke up, and the girl saw eyes like she
>remembered. Eyes are friendly. The girl stopped, took the orange in
>her pocket, and started to cry. Salty rain fell on the orange. The
>girl broke the orange and fed the old woman. The woman fell asleep and
>the girl grasped her hands like a prayer.
>The nurse saw them both asleep. The old woman was dressed in orange
>like Oshun and the [orange] trees. The girl was dressed in black like
>the ocean people, salty. Enemies now friends. Oya and Oshun had met
>and smiled.
>The story is finished.

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