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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Tue Nov 23, 1999  4:01 am
Subject:  translating to GIF files

I sent the following awhile back but it never made it to the list.
Sending again:

I have two small shareware programs called GIFWEB and GIFCON. GIFWEB is
for converting the background of images to transparent (for web use) but
can be used just as a translator. GIFCON is something I don't use, but
it looks like it can display several pictures in one file - I suppose
that would allow for animation. GIFWEB is in a zip file about 1.5
megs. I don't seem to have the zip file for GIFCON but it looks like
there was no installation for it - that it was just unzipped to a
directory without needing to be installed. If so, I could just package
up the files in a zip file. We could test.

If anyone is interested in either of these, let me know.

Bill Reese

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