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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Nov 29, 1999  3:25 pm
Subject:  Re: learning to e-mail

>We are able to capture only one page at a time. Is there a way to send an
>entire SW file? (My stuff runs several pages long sometimes.)

>-- James


November 29, 1999

In regards to your question above, James...

There are several ways to send SignWriting through email. If you want to
send an ENTIRE SignWriter document, that is several pages long, then do not
make .GIFs...instead send the entire file. To send an entire document,
attach the SignWriter file, which ends in .SGN, to an email message. The
receiver on the other end can open your file by starting the SignWriter
Computer Program and opening it there. That is the only way to send an
entire document. Did Wayne teach you how to attach a SignWriter file to an
email message? The files are .SGN files. You can also send complete
dictionary files. For one dictionary, you need to attach two files: .DIC
and .DIN.

If you want to write a short email message with a little SignWriting, then
make .GIFs. If you make those .GIFs using the Screen Capture method, then
you can only do one screen at a time. Screen captures can only capture what
is seen at that moment on the screen...That is just as well too...because
it is better to attach small .GIFs to email messages anyway, to help people
who have older computers or software. So the Screen Captures are "one
screen at a time".

Why not try to send us a document or a .GIF? Remember Charles Butler sent
us a complete .SGN document recently called "Salt and Oranges"? The actual
file was called "SALT.SGN". Anyone can download it from the SignWriting
List Archives at:

SignWriting List Archive

We look forward to receiving documents, dictionaries or .GIF files from you!

Val ;-)

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