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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Tue Nov 30, 1999  8:17 pm
Subject:  Re: I'm Back Online....


Just to say ... Orlando is not a new city ... not the part that is Orlando.
The amusement parks are actually outside of Orlando and have a life of
themselves. Disney World, for instance, is incorporated as a town (forget the
name), specially set up to lessen their taxes and allow them to be outside the
control of a local municipality.

Bill Reese

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> November 29, 1999
> Good Morning SignWriting List!
> I am now back from my Thanksgiving family reunion, which was held in
> Orlando, Florida. We had a wonderful time and it was great to travel and to
> see my family again. Orlando is a relatively new city that is the home of
> many amusement parks. I had never been there, so I was really surprised at
> the beauty of the city, with wide avenues and many marvelous things to see.
> The first day we went to Universal Studios, which is a large amusement
> park. My 11-year old twin nephews insisted that I HAD to take a roller
> coaster ride called "Duel Dragons", which is no ordinary roller coaster
> ride. It turns your body upside down and you feel like you are inside a
> swirling centrifuge. I announced afterwards that was my LAST roller coaster
> ride, so the boys gave me a coffee mug saying that I had lived through the
> Duel Dragons!
> The second day was very special....all of us went to a museum-park called
> "Splendid China", which was built and is run by the country of China. In
> this beautiful garden setting, the entire country of China is built in
> splendid doll houses. They created small versions of
> famous buildings and places in by the time you leave the park,
> you feel like you have visited China...impressive and very beautiful. So
> our whole family enjoyed visiting China together, as we visited with each
> other....
> So now I am back online. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too!
> I have scores of technical questions from SignWriting users, so I will
> slowly send answers with .GIFs to illustrate.
> Have a wonderful day....
> Val ;-)

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