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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Dec 6, 1999  4:27 am
Subject:  Re: Arm and wrist movement symbols

>Valerie -
> Wait a minute! What I intended was that the arm and hand moved as a
>unit up and back and down again, and that the wrist at the same time rotated
>counterclockwise. Isn't that what I wrote? Am I correct in what I have
>written in the current attachment?
> - Wayne


Your current attachment was fine, Wayne - all of what you wrote was OK - we
are in agreement - I just didn't realize that in the first of your
diagrams, that you meant that the two movement symbols were combined
because there was not a Simultaneous Line connecting I thought
you just put the two symbols side by side for the sake of the discussion to
compare the two symbols...if there had been a Simultanous Line then I would
have to assume that you wanted them to happen at the same time. So there
are still some uses for the Simultaneous Line!

Plus, there is another way to write that without being forced to write two
movement symbols with a Simultaneous Line (grin). I will attach a new
diagram tomorrow showing the alternatives...

Val ;-)

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