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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jul 5, 1998  7:16 pm
Subject:  Thanks For Support :-)

Hi Again :-)
I have received several offers this weekend from List members asking how
they can help SignWriting? Thank you everyone. As you know, all of us are
donating our time now, so your offers are truly appreciated.

There are two areas where you can help...

1. Creating and typing new Sign Language literature. Deaf children need
literature to read!

2. Finding new foundations and other sources for funding. We are a
non-profit, and I can write the grants, but I do need new contacts. In
other words, if you know of foundations that support "literacy" and/or
"Deaf Education", please inform me and I will contact them. Or perhaps you
can make the initial contact, and then I can write the grant.

As you know, our free program for the schools, called "the SignWriting
Literacy Project", is up and running and we have no problems funding the
six groups that are now signed up for the project.

However, we will need more funding if more schools want to join, so for the
sake of new schools, I want to write some grants :-)

For those of you who want to create new Sign Language literature...first
you need to teach yourself how to type with the SignWriter Computer
Program. You can download the shareware for free from our web site:

Download Shareware

or you can purchase the complete program:

Computer Program Package

All proceeds help our organization continue, so it is for a good cause :-)

If you have any problems downloading, just write to me personally and I
will help you.

Thanks again, everyone, for your offers of help and moral support -

All the best -

Valerie Sutton :-)

Sutton at the DAC
Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
(619)456-0098 voice
(619)456-0010 tty
(619)456-0020 fax

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