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From:  Shepard-Kegl
Date:  Fri Dec 24, 1999  6:36 am
Subject:  Re: Drumming Fingers

Thank you so much, Valerie.

I am once again impressed with the consistency and therefore simplicity of
your system.

I am really enjoying working with Ivonne and Barney on adding sentence
examples to our SW dictionary samples. The process really shows how many of
the signs really do not correspond to the spanish words that the Deaf
Nicaraguans are taught. The preposition for "across" is translated as a
verb phrase meaning "to act as a courier". Thus, "My mother gives the bowl
to the man who agrees to carry it to another person." The spanish word
phrase "a traves" or "across" is recognized solely in the sense of carrying
something over to someone on behalf of someone else. I am fascinated by
these misunderstandings. (I wonder how much I miss when I am signing.)

-- James

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