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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Jan 7, 2000  9:42 pm
Subject:  Re: Special Feature Posted: Sutton's Autobiography

Hi Valerie,
thanks for your friendly reply.

>So it sounds like your students in Germany have asked you to tell them
>about your life? That is a very nice touch...I can imagine it helps them a

Yes of course - and they show up with all different kinds of subjects. When
our class was on a trip for a week - we met girls from another shool for the
deaf. You couldnīt imagine how important it become to write quite good
German for the first love-letters.
And yes - they are curious how I managed to learn signlanguage, how I feel
about learning different languages - as well as very personal things -
problems of my teenager time, problems with girls, parents ..
We arenīt a typical teacher -pupil relationship. Thatīs the reason why we
havenīt got any disciplin problems at all. Contrary to that I can burden
them withlots of writing homework.
And from my own learning experience I do know that I can learn so much
better from a teacher who is a sympatheticpersonality, who shows interest in
my work and who accepts my way of learning.

As I told you before - my little friends asked several times questions
concerning this woman in America who is in contact with me - giving me so
much support in order to learn this wonderful SW -system.

My pupils are very very interested to learn more about SW. In fact - during
the pauses pupils from other classes visit us in our classroom - attracted
by the SW -symbols and worksheets at the wall! They love to get deeper into
it. Will share my classroom experiences with you. I`m so fascinated using
SW in a bilingual approach that I canīt tell you what a great tool it may
become to improove the literacy as well as Deaf pride.

Thanks again for your effort to give us some more information and - very
important to my friends - your wonderful photos !!
They help us to discuss -to share our ideas - to get in contact about
important issues of life !
>There have been times when I have trouble explaining my situation, so
>hopefully the little autobiography will help when it is done -
>But of course there are more pressing projects...such as SignWriter
>5.0...introductions to dictionaries and so forth!
By the way- my dictionary is on the way! I feel happy about that!

>Val ;-)

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