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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Jan 8, 2000  2:53 am
Subject:  Pen Pal Letters in SW

Stefan wrote:
>And yes - they are curious how I managed to learn signlanguage, how I feel
>about learning different languages - as well as very personal things -
>problems of my teenager time, problems with girls, parents ..
>We arenīt a typical teacher -pupil relationship. Thatīs the reason why we
>havenīt got any disciplin problems at all. Contrary to that I can burden
>them with lots of writing homework.
>And from my own learning experience I do know that I can learn so much
>better from a teacher who is a sympathetic personality, who shows interest in
>my work and who accepts my way of learning.


Dear SW List members....
and Stefan!

Thanks for your very interesting message about teaching...You sound like a
great that your students will always remember I am sure...and
a clever technique on getting no complaints about lots of homework - become
their friend! ;-))

Every teacher in our SignWriting Literacy Project is good with their
students - I bet it is because it takes an open mind to experiment with those teachers who are open to SW, are those who are
already sensitive to their student's needs...

So thanks for the nice comments and I wonder...are you students writing
love notes to each other in SW yet? :-))

And what about SW pen pals between classrooms in your school, and also
between other deaf schools? - Such a pen pal club could encourage writing
letters to each other and stimulate literacy - it could become a class
project to write a note to the other class to see if they can read it!

Val ;-)

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