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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jan 12, 2000  5:13 pm
Subject:  SignWriting in South Africa ;-)

>To avoid this becoming a thesis :), the reason I decided to get
>involved in Sign Writing and experiment in it is rather simple: I
>am an educationalist and anything that furthers the education of ANY
>group of people deserves looking into. I do not know enough about
>SW to be able to go deep into this but I think that the reason above
>is enough? Well, well, if you are NOT convinced :) then I have
>another reason that no-one can argue: I showed some samples of SW
>(gained from the Internet) to the kids. The response was
>overwhelming -- I cannot say NO to a response like that. Ralph
>Waldo Emerson said, "The secret of education is respecting the
>pupil" -- Something I like to aspire to.

>Ingrid Foggitt


January 12, 2000
Message to the SignWriting List

Hello Ingrid, and welcome to the SignWriting List!

Your introduction was excellent and very interesting, and I also want
to welcome you and your classroom as participating members in our
SignWriting Literacy Project...the first from South Africa!

I am excited by what you told us above...the fact that you received a
great response and interest in SignWriting from your Deaf students -
that is the best news!

I look forward to posting your letter from your school, and your
first web report shortly. I will work on creating a new web page for
your school. I hope that you will keep us informed from time to time
on how it is going in your classroom. If you ever have photos you
would like to share, and if the kids and their parents give us
permission to post them, the photos always add human interest and the
kids might even be able to seem themselves on the web - which is kind
of neat!

So welcome once again!

Best -

Val ;-)

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