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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jan 12, 2000  5:03 pm
Subject:  Re: Kentucky

>I spoke to Dr. Corson, super at KSD. We will meet later to
>discuss the possibility of SW having a place there. Also linked
>the Sw site to my webpage. Take a gander?

January 12, 2000

Dear SignWriting List...and James!

Thanks for informing us about the Kentucky School for the Deaf - that
is great. Perhaps they will want to participate in the SW Literacy
Project?...It usually takes one teacher at the school to get excited
before it can happen....

And thanks for telling us about your web page...I visited it and
really enjoyed reviewing the pages - I especially liked your picture!
The statue of the intertwining hands is so beautiful.

And your downloadable .pdf files are very useful for teachers of
American Sign Language. Do you have any in SignWriting? If not, I
could perhaps supply you with a .pdf on SignWriting in time, if you
want that.

Perhaps if ASL teachers get used to seeing some of the SW symbols at
a basic level...they will slowly adjust to the idea that the language
can be written now....

I will be happy to place a link to your web site on the SignWritingSite -

Keep up the great work, James!

Val ;-)

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