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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jan 12, 2000  11:41 pm
Subject:  Printing & Creating SW Dictionaries, Part 3

Im doing this for my little pupils first class as well. Im very
interested in your materials as they give me ideas how to check out
other ways to enrich our classroom materials. Would love to see from
you more! Thanks for sharing....Stefan ,-)


January 12, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members, and Dawn and Stefan -

If you are preparing dictionaries for your students now, outside of
the SignWriter Computer Program, then I would suggest looking at
sample pages of the Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary:

Sample Pages From The Brazilian Dictionary

Those dictionary pages were composed in Microsoft Word...I had a
little experience with this first hand, since over the summer I did a
little editing on some of the beginning pages of the dictionary. The
pages were sent to me as attached files, one at a time, in Microsoft
Word in Windows, and my Macintosh version of Microsoft Word opened
the Windows files with no conversion necessary - it was completely
cross platform...that I think is really remarkable.

And of course there are many good word processors that can do
something similar...

In regards to the dictionary and how the pages were
can see by the samples that they hired a professional illustrator to
not only draw the way the signs are produced, but also a cartoon
picturing the meaning of the sign. Then they included spoken language
words to describe the meaning and motion, and then SignWriting
one sign is given 5 different forms of explanation.

And this was easily done in Microsoft Word by creating a graphics
strip or panel and filling it with diagrams. The SignWriting was
typed with the SignWriter Computer Program. Then .GIFs were made of
each sign, and pasted into the Microsoft Word document.

So that is another way to create a dictionary in SignWriting!

Best -

Val ;-)

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