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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Thu Jan 27, 2000  9:58 pm
Subject:  Re: Tips on How To Edit SignWriting

Dear Valerie,

thank you so much for your comment on my SW -signs.

Reading your comment Im afraid I have chosen the wrong movement symbol?

The movement is meant to start with position 1 - index forward, palm down -
and then there is a circle movement with the endposition palm upwards. The
lower arm stays almost at its place - may be it describes a little circle
right and down.

>But in 2 and 3, the beginning position is placed near the STEM of the
>arrow - the first position is placed at the beginning of the
>movement, and the second position at the end of the movement....or
>the second position can be assumed since the movement symbol is
>pretty clear....

Well Im not sure that I want to move the hand from left to right - its
more from up to down !

Thank you very much . I will try to offer another suggestion.

Stefan ,-)

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