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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Thu Jan 27, 2000  10:09 pm
Subject:  Re: Tips on How To Edit SignWriting

>Attached is a file with a well-written sign, giving lots of
>information for the reader. Number 1 is the way it was written in the
>original document. Number 2 is my version of the same sign.
>In Number 1, the writer gave added information of the "dark dots"
>which mean that the fingers "squeeze or bend at the middle joint".

I tried to express that the open hand closes to a fist at the shoulders. And
then the fists move down to touch the body!
I had a very close look at a video. I tried to write " Jacke" in DGS.

>Since the finishing position is written, the reader can assume that
>the fingers "squeeze into a fist",

thatīs right, but I tried to express, that this happens already in the
beginning of this movement.

and writing the dots is a
>"double-up" of information. It can be read without the dots.

The dot means from C-Hand to closed fist. That is correct?????

>The ending position in Number 1 has two Touch symbols. I was not sure
>if the writer meant that the hands touch each other twice or not. If
>they really do "Touch-Touch" then the double Touch symbols are

no they donīt touch each other. They touch the body ! (Iīm so sorry to
confuse you!) Mistakes are our friends - so please accept that Iīm
learning so much of it!!
>think it is probably clear that the two hands are moving at the same

Yes - thatīs true!

>So I simplified the writing of the sign for daily use, although the
>original detailed writing was not necessarily wrong...

Well - Iīm not sure. May be it was wrong. Iīm happy to learn. Nevertheless.
My pupils accepted it as the symbol for "jacket "
I will inform you about their comments ... hihihi

Stefan ;-)
>Val ;-)
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