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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jan 31, 2000  9:23 pm
Subject:  Rotation Movement In Different "arcs"

Stefan in Germany wrote:
>Reading your comment Im afraid I have chosen the wrong movement symbol?
>Well Im not sure that I want to move the hand from left to right -
>its more from up to down !

January 31

Dear SignWriting List:
There are two attachments to this message. The first, called
"less024a.gif" shows rotation movement that stays in one
does not travel, but there is a "feeling of moving side" with the
rotation. The arrow is painting the pattern of the thumb as it moves
in the rotation from one side to the other.

But Stefan then wrote and suggested the rotation "has a feeling of
moving down" rather than to the side. So the second attachment,
called "also.gif", is Stefan's new attempt at writing the sign.

To answer your question, Stefan...yes...the new attachement
"also.gif" is fine! The rotation is down rather than side...the first
example you show does TRAVEL down, but the second one does NOT
actually travel, but paints the pattern of the baby finger rotating
down, while the arm stays in one place....

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Type: image/gif
Size: 5k

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