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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jan 30, 2000  6:16 pm
Subject:  Re: The name "SignWriting" in other countries...

>hi all,
>actually here in germany - at least the people i know - the term
>SignWriting is used, as "gebaerdenschrift" as such is not specific enough.
>it just means the writing of signs or writing system for signs, which could
>be any system, really.
>so here in hamburg we specify SignWriting or Stokoe Notation or HamNoSys
>with the original terms.
>best, susanne


SignWriting List
January 30, 2000

Hi Susanne - thanks for this point. I have heard this from others
too...that keeping the name in English, without translation, is
easier in some ways, even in countries that do not use English.

As a trademark in the USA, the term "SignWriting" is like a brand
name for a writing is always capitalized with a big "S"
and a big "W", which then differentiates the trademark from "everyday

So even though the general term "tegnskrift" would not be capitalized
in Danish, if the term is capitalized "TegnSkrift", then it is
referring to Sutton SignWriting.

So that might help a little...signoescritura and
"SignoEscritura"..... gebaerdenschrift and "GebaerdenSchrift"

In Brazil, it seems that people do not translate the name
SignWriting...although that may vary around the it
really is different with every group.

The reason I am flexible about this is that Deaf people do translate
the term into their signed languages, and I feel they should have the
right to do that if they wish....I would not want people to feel they
are forced to fingerspell the term SignWriting ...nothing could be
more counter-intuitive!

So I hope people will send us .GIFs writing the way the term is
signed in other countries...

Val ;-)

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