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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 3, 2000  4:58 am
Subject:  Sign for Jacket in DGS & ASL

Stefan wrote:
>I tried to express that the open hand closes to a fist at the
>shoulders. And then the fists move down to touch the body! I had a
>very close look at a video. I tried to write " Jacket" in DGS.


OK. Here is a new .GIF..."less25a.gif"...

Number 1: the original way Stefan wrote the sign for "jacket" in
German Sign Language (DGS)

Number 2: My old re-write of the same sign. Notice how I
misunderstood the sign. The dark dot only tells us that the middle
joints of the fingers close or squeeze. It doesn't necessarily mean
into a could simply bend into a claw hand - so it does not
automatically mean a fist. Without the finishing position of the fist
up at the shoulder line, there was no way for me to know when the
fingers closed into the fist...It could have happened anywhere along
the movement's path...We assume that the hand moves gradually into
the next position so I thought it was moving into the second
position, and squeezing at the same time.

Number 3: My second re-write based on what Stefan said above - The
fists are up at the shoulders. I don't see why the C handshapes are
necessary? The hand has to pass through a C to get to a fist, so I
would think that the fist is enough to write the sign...there are
other ways to write this too, but this is one suggestion..

Number 4: This is not DGS! It is ASL...the sign for jacket. Notice
how the handshapes are similar and that the Rub symbol is used, which
means continual contact that moves with the movement symbol down the
chest - contacting all the way.

Now that we have analyzed this to death...please know that your
original writing was good enough to read and if your students are
enjoying that spelling...that is OK!

Mainly just know that the dark dots do not automatically mean closing
into a fist, (although that is the most common handshape to close
into)...And when you write a fist, you are assuming that the hand had
to "squeeze" into the position of the maybe it is not
necessary to write the dots in this case - in other cases it is for the sign for "milk" that squeezes "two times",
then two dark dots really give information...

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