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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 3, 2000  3:20 am
Subject:  Gallaudet University & SignWriting...

>Abject apologies to the list... I did it again...sent to the list what should
>have been a private message. At least this time I did not use offensive
>language.Welcome to the new Millennium. Same Mistakes, different
>century. Cecelia


Two messages tonight from two different Cecelias!

Thank you both!

And in regards to the message above.... Cecelia Smith at Gallaudet,
right? - Don't worry about the mistake - we all make mistakes on the
Internet! It is nice to hear from you again, has been a
long time...

Are you still championing the use of SignWriting at Gallaudet?

Recently I had an interveiw with a reporter, and she asked me to give
her a person to talk to, who was negative towards SignWriting...which
gives articles some "interesting topics to discuss" I suggested
the establishment at Gallaudet University! Was that a good choice, or
are things better now?

Val ;-)

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