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From:  Marc Bode
Date:  Sun Feb 6, 2000  9:51 pm
Subject:  Re: Help available to develop a LUC ?

Marc, 6.Feb.2000:

Dear Val, dear Stuart,

I did not yet receive the SignWriting Information Packet. Snail Mail in
Colombia is very snaily!

Well, the first step will not be, to develop new WritingSystems.
LUC is more like a short code, storable in computers (but not only usable
through Computers: e.g. Morse-Code also was used before Computers existed).
Every code represents a meaning instead of representing only a letter or a
digit as in ASCII.
I think, that the representation of the code (the meaning) in different
languages or writingstyles or even dialects should be quite simple.
The Problem might be: How do I put the LUC into the computers ?
First I thought, that Chinese people might have had the same problem with their
signs, which represent a meaning. But I am not able to communicate in Chinese
(Ha,ha, may be soon with support of LUC)...
So, for the beginning I was looking for more simple languages with similar
problems, which lead me to SignWriting.
Yes, LUC shall be a kind of storing documents indepentent of any language or
dialect. At the time of reading you decide which language or dialect you want.
So, it would be of interest, to extend the SignWriting programs to store a
document in LUC. For writing in other languages it might be necessary to
develop a LUC-Writing program (that then even might be usable for inputs by
When I first heard, that even the signed language is not international, I was
quite disappointed. But this fact even more requests the availability of a LUC!
With LUC you could write for example in American SignWriting and read/print in
German SignWriting (or get an output in Chinese or what ever you want).

Referring to Stuarts question:
1. UNICODE is just a 16-bit-code for single letters/signs, which are
and (as plans are, 32-bit or flexible, which has to be worked out)

;-) Marc

P.S.: actually for the time of development, I avoid assigning a definite code
for every meaning.

P.P.S.: The telecommunication companies and providers here in the region are
quite insufficient. In Taganga there are sometimes breakdowns of the whole
telephone net for 5 days. And even in Santa Marta the providers does not
function for 1 or 2 days.

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