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From:  James Womack
Date:  Mon Feb 7, 2000  11:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Gallaudet University & Signwriting

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From: "Michael Everson"
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2000 2:32 PM
Subject: Re: Gallaudet University & Signwriting

> >If you are unfamilair with the process of equilibrium theory, I'd be
> >happy to post the stages.

> I haven't heard of it as such. I do know a fair bit about bilingualism and
> code switching. I myself am multilingual.

The process is attitudal but does have impact on what one will do
including choice of language at certain stages.

Process of Equilibrium

1.Ignorance of self, people's history, and own culture.

2. Timid acceptance of the role(s) and limitation(s) an stereotypes imposed
by the dominants.

3. Low self-esteem, attributes stereotypes to limits.

4. Awakening: questions treatment by and superiority of dominants.

5. Growing resentment-limited defiance.

6. Emergence of moderate boldness of assembling to discuss and/or plan
self-help actions within constraints of fear of offending or
attracting undesired attention from the dominants.

7. Outright defiance and rejecting of labels and treatment by dominants.

8. Militancy: Action may be violent or passive.

9. Hatred for dominants, begins stereotyping dominants.

10. Begins learning about history of dominants behavior and own people.

11. Immersion in a process of discovery about own group's history and

12. Recognizes individual atypicals among dominants and own people.

13.Grudging acceptance that not all dominants are "evil."

14. Conflicts with realities regarding relationship with dominants results
in re-evaluation of efforts and behaviors.

15. Re-evaluation results in a more honest view of both dominants and own
group and finding
positives and negatives in both.

16. Accepts or rejects re-evaluation realities.

17. Acceptance of reality = seeks opportunity for compromises based on
honesty and equality.
Rejection of reality = confines self at one of the stages between 1
and 11.

18. Concludes that people are good or bad by individual choice must be
judged as individuals and chooses
acquaintances accordingly.

19. Achieves a state of confidence with self, ability to associate with own
people and dominants
both to achieve mutual benefits between the two groups = at

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